What are Gregorian Masses?

Gregorian masses are a series of 30 consecutive masses offered for the soul of our deceased. The custom of this series of masses dates from St. Gregory the Great, the Pope from 590-604. This pope popularized the practice after retelling, in his Dialogues, the story of Justus, a monk who died at St. Andrew’s convent in Rome, for whom St. Gregory offered masses for thirty consecutive days. After the thirtieth mass, Justus appeared to his fellow (living) monks to announce that he had been delivered from Purgatory. Following these events, the Church has always had a great appreciation to this precious spiritual practice.

Frecuently Asked Questions

No, they are exclusively said for the soul of the departed. If you have another intention fill out this form.

The masses should be said only for one soul, particularly for those that have just died.

Gregorian masses are dedicated to the sole intention of the deceased soul for thirty consecutive days during which the priest cannot apply any mass stipend for any other intention during this time. That is why a donation is requested: to help support a priest and his good work. This allows the priest to sustain himself in an honest way.

Your offer will be used to support catholic missionary priests that will pray for your intentions. They will be mainly delivered to places with particular difficulties such as poverty, persecution of their faith, missionary projects, etc. You then become partners of these missions and spiritually benefit from their good works.

If you are interested to offer a Gregorian Mass, please fill out the Gregorian Masses Request Form and submit your donation using the form below.

Do not be disheartened. To offer a mass for our departed is one of the most precious Work of Mercy; therefore, even if you are not able to make a contribution please submit the name of the person using this form. This will be included in the common intention of prayer by our community.

Ask For Gregorian Masses

Complete the following form to request that 30 masses be celebrated for the soul of a deceased person. Once you press send, you will be redirected to a Paypal page to make the payment of the financial contribution.

    Gregorian Masses
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